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Who I am

I'm a frontend developer and writer utilising frontend technologies to revolutionise the web

More about me

I build websites and web applications with React. Some times, i build fullstack Web Applications with MERN (MongoDB, Express, React and Node) stack. Additionally, I'm a passionate React and WordPress fan.

I post my articles on my hashnode and dev.to blogs

I'm available for full term, short term, remote and freelance jobs.

Top Expertise

Frontend Developer with primary focus on React and frontend technologies: Github

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • jQuery
  • Express JS
  • Node JS
  • Mongo DB
  • WordPress
  • Writing
  • Bootstrap


People now believe me more and trust in my business since the time Kolade Chris built me a site

Kayode Akintomide

CEO, Kaytolee Data Services

Some of my Recent Projects

Expense Tracker

A fullstack Web App for tracking income and expenditure

Check It Out
Netflix Clone

Simple clone with trailer pop-up

Check It Out
Greeny Earth website

My passion project as a lover of nature

Check It Out

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